Our Promise

From our family to yours we promise nothing but only the freshest local milk brought straight to your door from the farm itself. We take pride in the milk we deliver. We buy only from small, local family-owned companies who go above and beyond to make sure you can enjoy the true quality of fresh bottled milk. We offer only the best and, of course, do so at an affordable, fair price.

It is our goal to make sure our customers get the best service and product.

Experience the Nostalgia

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What Customers are Saying

"There’s nothing like farm fresh milk and eggs delivered to our doorstep! If I need to change my standing order, it only takes a quick call. I had been telling my husband for months that I wanted to seek out home milk delivery...then Jimmy appeared at the door. Best decision ever! I would recommend Jimmy Milkman to everyone! ." ~Jimmy Milkman customer, Joanne

Cage-Free Eggs

Fresh Milk -  Delivered to Your Door


We are a small family-owned business, dedicated to giving you fresh dairy products and delivering them to your door step.

Experience the nostalgia, try our service!

SUMMER EATING: experience the difference farm-fresh veggies can make! Now delivering produce directly from Fenderson Farm to your doorstep. Selection changes with every harvest, but we can promise you hand-picked tasty, fresh produce in every box!

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