Interested in becoming a Jimmy Milkman home delivery customer?

Thanks for your interest in our home delivery service. We so much appreciate your interest and look forward to serving you in the future. 

To start, we'd like to give you a little information about our service. Once you e-mail your account sign-up form back to and we call you to finalize the account set-up, we can discuss this information in detail.

Home Delivery Service Info

How does the service work?
Once we know what you use weekly (i.e. a ‘standing order’) and we start leaving that same order every week unless you change it by phone or e-mail. We deliver every week (even holidays). The only time you won’t get a delivery is if we leave you a note in advance. There is no minimimum $ order, but we do have a 3-item minimum.

Where will you leave my delivery?
We can leave your delivery on your porch, in your garage, or anywhere easily accessible - just let us know your preference. We ask that you leave your own cooler out to protect product from the seasonal elements.

What do I do with product packaging?
Bottles: please leave clean empty glass bottles without the caps every week and we will exchange them with fresh milk. If we don’t get bottles back, or if they are broken, there will be a $2 charge per bottle. 
Produce box: if you are receiving our summer produce boxes, the empty boxes need to be left out each delivery day.

How does billing work?
We bill monthly and the bill will be left on your porch. A $100 deposit is required at the beginning of your service. At the end of each month, we re-charge your card for the $100 so you will see running tallies on your bill, and a credit, if there is one.

*note: if you stop service, we will do one final stop at your residence to pick up empty bottles.

Ready to sign-up?

Just download the New Customer Account Form and e-mail it to We will call you to finalize account sign-up.